From motor vehicle accidents and workers’ compensation claims to denied or stalled claims, CMA is dedicated to your revenue cycle needs.

CMA places denials into two distinct categories:


Patient/Policy Denials

Accounts with patient–related denials are often classified as self-pay or bad debt because the insurer has pended or denied a claim because they need information from the patient.

Examples of patient/policy denials:

  • Coordination of benefits (COB)
  • Common Working File/Medicare Secondary Payer issues
  • Subrogation forms
  • Accident information

Provider/Contractual Denials

These denials are typically based on the provider’s contract with the insurer and require the provider to write off the denied charges.

Examples of provider/contractual denials

  • No authorization
  • Late authorization/notification
  • Timely filing
  • Underpaid claims
  • Medical Necessity

Workers’ Compensation

From managing a complete outsource of workers’ compensation claims to the assignment of individual problem accounts, CMA assists in the recovery of these time-intensive claims. CMA works with a patient’s attorney and the workers’ compensation carrier when a claim is involved in contested litigation to ensure the provider’s claim is paid at the time of settlement or judgment. CMA also appeals denied or underpaid claims with the carrier or state workers’ compensation board and ensures clients are paid at the correct fee schedule or contracted rate.

Motor Vehicle Accidents/Hospital Liens/Third Party Liability

CMA has decades of experience handling MVA/Third Party Liability claims for our clients, with the legal expertise to keep up with changes in each state’s hospital lien laws.  Always included in CMA’s handling of these accounts are the following:

  • Investigating accident details
  • Identifying and filing with PIP/medpay coverage
  • Filing the lien and notifying all appropriate parties
  • Continued monitoring of the status of the patient’s liability claim
  • Negotiating settlements
  • Taking the appropriate steps to enforce liens should a patient’s attorney or insurance company not honor the lien as required by law

Additional Areas of Expertise

CMA also assists clients with other challenging claims, which include:


VA, VA Community Care/TriWest, CHAMPVA and Tricare

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Prisoner Claims

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Refund Requests  

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Special Projects

CMA encourages clients to allow us to resolve claims that may be appropriately billed to patients rather than sending the claims to self-pay vendors. CMA obtains quicker payments from the responsible insurers versus lengthy patient payment plans with self-pay vendors. CMA works with patients to provide the requested information but also strives to resolve claims when patients are not responsive.

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